The A82 road to Fort William - Adventure Bagging

A Few Of My Favourite Places In The UK

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Before I had a jet-setting lifestyle, there was some pattern to places I used to visit around the UK. I was born, raised and schooled in Preston, so the Lake District was only an hours drive away. I've been going every year since I was one year…
Frankfurt Fan Zone - Germany 2006

Camera+ Meet New York. New York, Meet Camera+

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I was introduced to the Camera+ app back in November, a few weeks after getting my new iPhone 4S. Less than 2 months later I tweeted saying it's the best 69p you could spend on an app.I was never really interested in photography with my other…
Frankfurt Fan Zone - Germany 2006

Flight Seating Strategy

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I do this. If you've flown easyJet or another airline that doesn't allocate seats, I bet you've done it too :)Image courtesy of The Oatmeal
Skiing Tips and videos for beginners

4 Skiing Tips - Video Tutorials

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It's getting to that time of year again. Blow the dust of the skis, get them edged and waxed, throw them in the bag, and head to the slopes. Straight out of your hotel or chalet, you're more excited than a kid at Christmas. You do up your…
Frankfurt Fan Zone - Germany 2006

Yas Island Links Golf Course

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I don't play golf. I'm a sales guy, so you should think golf should come naturally. I'm also very sporty, so again, a quick few athletic swings of the club and good eye for distance should see me right. The truth is, I've played only two rounds…
Bothy to Bothy hiking in Scotland

Exploring Bothies In Scotland

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I recently took a weeks holiday to go and discover the Scottish Highlands. Although I've lived in Edinburgh for the last 4 years, I have never travelled to the West of Scotland, or up North towards Aviemore and Inverness. That all changed…
Frankfurt Fan Zone - Germany 2006

Looking for flights? Use Kayak

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I travel. A lot. I've taken 32 flights so far this year (thanks Outlook Calendar) and probably visited the easyJet and BA websites more times than I care to remember.On the plus side, it also gives me license to promote a site that makes my…
Frankfurt Fan Zone - Germany 2006

A Busy Week

Finally time to relax. The week just gone is possibly the busiest week I've ever had - spanning work, sport, travel and (a little) drinking.Here's how my week panned out, starting from Monday;Monday0730 hours - wake up, shower, head to work1830…
Frankfurt Fan Zone - Germany 2006

Ice Diving

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Do what now?Whilst on our Tignes ski holiday a mate of mine decided to have a go at diving. But not just just any old diving. Ice diving. And not just any old ice diving. He did a night time ice dive under the frozen lake at Tignes Le Lac.Mark…
Frankfurt Fan Zone - Germany 2006

Frolics at the Frankfurt Fan Zone

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Travelling again? Yep, and thoroughly enjoyable once again! Having travelled only once to Germany before, I decided that it would simply be rude not to grace the fatherland with my presence once again. And what better time to do it than during…