A One Week Itinerary For Sri Lanka

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If you're thinking about visiting Sri Lanka, but aren't really sure where to start to see the main highlights the country has to offer, fear not, I've got the perfect one week itinerary for you. Update! Check out the accompanying video at…

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Sri Lanka

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It's not every day you travel to a country where one of the main attractions for tourists and locals is a long, sacred Buddha tooth. But then again, Sri Lanka isn't like many other countries I've visited. Friends asked me what Sri Lanka…
Singapore walking tour during a 12-hour layover

12 Hours In Singapore – 7 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Layover

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Singapore is one of the gateways to South East Asia and Australasia. As one of the main airport hubs for transfers to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and the Philippines, you will undoubtedly experience a layover in Singapore…
The terracotta warriors - Xi'an, China

Why The Terracotta Warriors Are Not The Biggest Discovery In Xi’an

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Xi'an is one of my favourite cities in China. After a 17 hour overnight sleeper train from Yichang and using a hole in the floor for the loo, a decent hotel was a welcome relief. Xi'an was once China's capital city, with a history that…
Simon Heyes on the Great Wall Of China

Exploring The Great Wall Of China

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Exactly one year ago, on 13th March 2013, I was walking around on one of the few man-made objects visible from space: the Great Wall of China. It seems fitting, that, one year on, I finally share my great experience and pics with you. China…
Things You Need to know before visiting China - Adventure Bagging

29 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting China

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1. There are virtually no signs in English, which makes getting around very difficult. 2. Many Chinese students speak and understand English, so don't be shy - say hello and they will happily chat to you! 3. You'll get stared at. A lot.…
Hong Kong Foodie Tasting Tour - Adventure Bagging

A Foodie Tour Around Hong Kong

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Picture the scene. I've been delayed by 4 hours at Shanghai airport. This means I land into Hong Kong at 3am. I'm tired after my 21 hour journey....from Auckland. I pass through immigration, and head to the trains. The trains don't run until…
Six Types Of Chinese Tea - Adventure Bagging

Discovering The Six Different Types of Chinese Tea

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I love tea. The British Empire was built on tea. Give me English breakfast tea, milk and one sugar, and I'm happy. After hiking Snowdon a few year ago, I even discovered a cafe in Llanberis that serves pints of English breakfast tea. I've…