Wild Camping kit explosion in the Lake District

The Ultimate Wild Camping Kit List

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On the hunt for a wild camping checklist? You've come to the right place :). This post was written a few years ago after a wild camp in the Lake District, and most recently updated in 2023. Hope it helps your wild camping planning! Over the…
Skiing Packing List

What To Pack For A Ski Trip: The Ultimate Packing List

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** Updated November 2021 ** If you're new to skiing, packing for your first trip can be daunting. There are so many bits of kit to remember, from staying warm on the slopes to being comfortable during the all important apres ski. When…
Safe Volunteering In Migrant & Refugee Camps - Adventure Bagging

Volunteering Abroad: Tips & Advice For Helping Migrants & Refugees

For many of us volunteering is a rite of passage when we travel abroad. It allows you to get under the skin of different cultures, and get to know the essence of each country through its people. Whilst there are many positives to volunteering…
Tips and advice when driving in France - Adventure Bagging

Know Before You Go: What Do You Need To Drive To France?

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When I was a kid, driving to France for a summer holiday was a nailed down event in our family calendar. The Pound was incredible strong against the Euro, and the guarantee of warm weather vastly outweighed even the best British summer sun predictions…
Round the world flight route - Simon Heyes, Adventure Bagging

Tips For Choosing Your Round The World Flight Route

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The decision has been made. You're taking six months or maybe even a year off, and it's time to go travelling. You get the prosecco out of the fridge, pop the cork, pour yourself a glass and celebrate. But wait...where are you going to go? Time…
Cartagena tour group, Colombia

Tips For Travelling Solo Around The World

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Ever since 2003 I was determined to travel around the world by myself. I'm not sure why I set my mind on travelling solo. It might have been my strong independence, or it might have been something that I just had to do alone. Travelling round…
Singapore walking tour during a 12-hour layover

12 Hours In Singapore – 7 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Layover

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Singapore is one of the gateways to South East Asia and Australasia. As one of the main airport hubs for transfers to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and the Philippines, you will undoubtedly experience a layover in Singapore…
Old Hansa in Tallinn Old Town

8 Winter Weekend Break Destinations With Flights Under £60

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With the Brexit fallout and Trump's impending election as the 45th US President, the Pound is going up and down and round and round more times than the Colossus roller coaster at Thorpe Park. The latest news is the pound is soaring…
Go Sleep - Airport Sleeping Pod, Tallinn

Awesome Airport Sleeping Pods

In early 2013, I had to catch a flight from Brisbane to Auckland, but because of the time of the flights, I had a sleep in the airport overnight. This was a backpacking trip, so I had no cash for hotels or hostels. "How hard can it be to…
iPhone photography - Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Using Your iPhone For Travel Photography

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Picture the scene. I'm in the Colombian jungle, in the Tayrona National Park, the weather is hot and sticky, and the clouds have rolled in. The group I am travelling with are about to set off on a one hour hike to get to our camp, and spend…