El Totumo Mud Volcano - ColombiaAdventure Bagging

Sit Down, Pants Off: Getting Washed Clean Of Volcanic Mud In Colombia

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People often ask me what my funniest travel story is. It's difficult to pin point one, because there have been many...like, MANY...and I have the crows feet to prove it :) But one story always sticks out in my mind because it happened…
Cartagena tour group, Colombia

Tips For Travelling Solo Around The World

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Ever since 2003 I was determined to travel around the world by myself. I'm not sure why I set my mind on travelling solo. It might have been my strong independence, or it might have been something that I just had to do alone. Travelling round…
Bolivariano - a busy company in Colombia, South America

Bus Journey Experiences in South America

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It was around the time the officers automatic weapon was pressed firmly against my shoulder that I decided to write this blog post. 'Expect the unexpected when it comes to South American bus journeys', I should have told myself at the start…
Pablo Escobar and Hacienda Napoles - Medellin, Colombia

Pablo Escobar: The Curious Story Of Hacienda Nápoles And The Hippos

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I loved travelling around Colombia. Along with Brazil, the country loves to party. They have a great culture, and the people are incredibly friendly. They have the Caribbean Coast, incredible coffee and some of the freshest fruit you…
iPhone photography - Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Using Your iPhone For Travel Photography

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Picture the scene. I'm in the Colombian jungle, in the Tayrona National Park, the weather is hot and sticky, and the clouds have rolled in. The group I am travelling with are about to set off on a one hour hike to get to our camp, and spend…
Tayrona Beach - Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Exploring Tayrona National Park & Cartagena With Intrepid Travel

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Before I left the UK, everyone I spoke to that had previously visited Colombia raved about Cartagena. Looking through pictures before I left, it did look stunning, so I made sure I had a couple of days to spare at the end of my Intrepid…
The colours of Guatepa in Colombia - Adventure Bagging

Marvellous Medellin, El Peñól, and Guatapé In Colombia

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Medellin has a troubled past. In the 90's Medellin was one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and even up to 10 years ago, it was riddled with crime, after trying to shake off the aftermath of the Escobar drug cartel. As such, my…
The view over Bogota, Colombia from the top of the Monserrate

A Quick Trip Round Bogota, Colombia

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I've only been travelling for 3 weeks, but it feels more like 3 months. This is my second day of doing nothing, so I thought it was about time to catch up on a few blog posts and share some pics and stories with you from the journey so far. Let's…