About Adventure Bagging

Hi guys, my name is Simon Heyes, and welcome to Adventure Bagging!

I am a digital marketer, travel blogger and bagger of mountains, adventures and experiences. Whether I’m away hiking in the Lake District for a weekend, careering down a ski slope, or out in the countryside with my Springer Spaniel called Pip, the outdoors is my playground.

I’ve been blogging since 2006. This blog was initially known as Simon’s JamJar, but rebranded as Adventure Bagging in 2018 (for those that knew, followed and read Simon’s JamJar, you can read the full story here!).

The world of blogging and influencers has changed dramatically over the last few years, and whilst Simon’s JamJar did a great job of allowing me to tell my travel stories in written form, it restricted me in terms of showcasing video content, and being more creative with the stories I wanted to tell.

I’m a big believer that stories are often best told in video form, which is why the focus of Adventure Bagging is travel videos and experiences.

Feel free to browse around the site and my YouTube channel, and have a look through the Q&A below, which will give you more insight into Adventure Bagging, and my passion for travel and the outdoors.