Lake Kariba dam, Zimbabwe

The Story Of Lake Kariba Dam & Nyaminyami

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As I stared out over the Lake Kariba dam, I discovered Zimbabwe had something in common with my old home, Scotland. A serpent-like, mythical creature. We flew in a tiny plane from Harare to Kariba, and as we came into land, the sheer…
The view of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, from a helicopter

The Flight Of Angels - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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Victoria Falls is located in the very North West of Zimbabwe. For many visitors coming to Zimbabwe, it is the one stop they make on a tour that usually consists of South Africa, Zambia and other African countries. That, for me, is a big…
First Impressions Of Zimbabwe - Adventure Bagging

First Impressions Of Zimbabwe

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One of the things I love about travel - and especially travel blogging - is being able to change people's opinions and perceptions of different destinations. When I was invited on a trip to Zimbabwe by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority,…
Milford Sound, New Zealand - Adventure Bagging

Cruising Milford Sound & Flying Over Fiordland

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You've seen Jurassic Park, right? Remember at the beginning, where Richard Attenborough flies into the park in a helicopter, and you see those amazing views of the landscape, including waterfalls, mountains and rivers? That was almost…
Simon Heyes, skydiving in New Zealand

A 15,000ft Skydive In Queenstown

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I know what you're thinking. "Why on earth would you do that?!". But then I also know what fellow skydivers are thinking. Well, not thinking....just smiling, acknowledging, and...understanding. Unlike bungee jumping, doing a skydive was…
Simon Heyes - bungee jump - Cairns, Australia

How Fate Won Me A Goldfish Racing Competition And A Bungee Jump

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"A man goes to the doctors complaining that he keeps shitting a strawberry every day. 'Don't worry', the doctor says, 'we've got cream for that!'". I was on a bus journey between Port Douglas and Cairns, and the other passengers and myself…