Every now and again I come across a place that gives something extra, something a little different. Walindi Plantation Resort in Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea provided exactly that.

When you walk into any regular hotel, you are normally greeted with a ‘good morning sir‘ or ‘good morning madam‘. Polite enough, and par for the course when it comes to hospitality. But at Walindi Plantation Resort, every single member of staff is trained to remember your name from the very first time they meet you.

Suddenly, good service turns into great, personal, friendly service, and that is the backbone of what Walindi Plantation Resort is built on.

The main Walindi pool area - Papua New Guinea
Photo source: Michele Westmorland


Outside Walindi Plantation Resort in Papua New Guinea

The Walindi resort is located a 50 minute drive West of Hoskins airstrip, on the island province of West New Britain. Nestled between dense jungle, plantations and the warm waters of Kimbe Bay, it is the ideal place to kick back, relax and enjoy some of the best diving and snorkelling in the world.

Walindi Plantation Resort seen from the water

Walindi Plantation Resort is a family run business, and the wonderful owners Shane and Emma ensure their is a calm, friendly atmosphere from the moment you step out of the car and into the resort.

That calmness is ever present throughout the resort. Whether you are sitting next to the pool watching the world go by, strolling to your room, or simply sitting on your balcony listening to the frogs and crickets, Walindi gives off a strong relaxation vibe.

The view over Kimbe Bay from Walindi Plantation Resort

The accommodation is comfortable, with ceiling fans to keep you cool in the night, and mosquito nets and fly killer spray available to keep the little blood suckers away.

The bungalows at Walindi Plantation Resort


Our bungalow at Walindi Plantation Resort, Papua New Guinea
Our bungalow at Walindi Plantation Resort
Our bungalow layout - Walindi Plantation Resort
Our bungalow layout. Photo source: Facesofthesea.com

Perhaps the most impressive part of Walindi is the fact that is feels like one big family. All the staff live on site, with separate facilities and housing nestled next to the main building. Everyone – and I mean everyone – will say hello, with a smile on their face as they pass.

The site itself is also self-contained. The resort runs off two generators, with the power being switched off at 11pm, leaving you to listen to nothing but nature outside your door.

Unlike most other places in Papua New Guinea, Walindi also has WiFi internet, and a menu for you to choose your lunch and evening meals. I’d advise saving space in your stomach for the Sunday barbecue and buffet…

The Sunday buffet at Walindi Plantation Resort

There are also plenty of activities for those who don’t dive too. As well as snorkelling, there are plenty of land tours, ranging from local bush walks, birdwatching, village tours, a hot volcanic river experience and watching fireflies light up the jungle like a Christmas tree in in the evening.

Want to know more? Most of the dive tour operators in the UK (such as Equator Diving and Dive Worldwide) have package deals available to Walindi, and flights can be booked through Singapore Airlines and Air Niugini.

My visit to Kimbe Bay was made possible through my Blogger Ambassador trip with Papua New Guinea Tourism UK. Find out more about the adventure here.

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