Osprey Transporter 95 holdall - blue

Osprey Transporter 95 - Review

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I've always been a fan of Osprey backpacks and holdalls. My 6 month round the world trip back in 2012/2013 was done with an older 55 litre backpack, and that saw everything from the heights of Bolivia to the smog-ridden cities of Eastern China. In…
Ham Yard Hotel - Shortlist / AMEX Event London

Kick Starting My Travel Inspiration For 2018

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Looking back at 2017, I did a lot of travelling. I visited the usual favourites of the Lake District, Cornwall, Scotland, I skied in France and Switzerland, and bagged three new countries in the form of Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Slovenia. It…
Simon Heyes - skiing on the Zugspitze, Germany

How To Go Skiing On A Budget

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In one of my last ski blog posts I said that if you go skiing for a week, it will cost you around £1000. I still stand by that statement...if you plan on skiing for a full week. BUT...if you do some research into travel options, sales and…

Age Is Just A Number

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"You shouldn't be dancing on tables at your age!", my grandma said after I'd told her the story. It was my birthday. I was in a restaurant in Preston that encouraged dancing on tables, once the food had been cleared away. It was a brilliant…

A One Week Itinerary For Sri Lanka

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If you're thinking about visiting Sri Lanka, but aren't really sure where to start to see the main highlights the country has to offer, fear not, I've got the perfect one week itinerary for you. Update! Check out the accompanying video at…

Arcido Faroe Backpack Review - The Best Hand Luggage Bag?

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I'm pretty picky when it comes to backpacks. Especially backpacks small enough to use as hand luggage for flights. Let's count them up, from small to large: my Lowe Alpine Edge 18, perfect for small day trips. My TNF Angstrom 20 in black,…

11 Things You Didn't Know About Sri Lanka

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It's not every day you travel to a country where one of the main attractions for tourists and locals is a long, sacred Buddha tooth. But then again, Sri Lanka isn't like many other countries I've visited. Friends asked me what Sri Lanka…

Why The Blog Has Been So Quiet Lately

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Hi guys, hope you're keeping well! Apologies for the silent treatment of late. Since July I've had to step away from blogging and social media a little, for various reasons. I guess my recent unenthusiastic approach to blogging and social…
Beers in the sunset - Adventure Bagging

Which Cities Around The World Serve Up The Cheapest Beer?

I always remember my cheapest beers were in Bolivia, and deepest, darkest China. Both local beers, they cost me the equivalent of 85p and 75p respectively. They were pretty good beers too, which made their price even sweeter! So where…

Rafting, Hiking & Car Trains In Triglav National Park

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One of the reasons I love travel is because just when you think you've seen the best mountain, the best lake, the best waterfall, the best countries in the world, travel throws up something new. That something this time was Triglav National…