Cartagena tour group, Colombia

Tips For Travelling Solo Around The World

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Ever since 2003 I was determined to travel around the world by myself. I'm not sure why I set my mind on travelling solo. It might have been my strong independence, or it might have been something that I just had to do alone. Travelling round…
Cornhouse - Best Airbnb in the UK?

The Best Airbnb House In The UK?

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With a heated indoor swimming pool, spacious living areas, beds for 15 people and a large outdoor hot tub, could this be one of the best Airbnb houses in the UK. Introducing The Cornhouse. When travelling solo, Airbnb's are generally my…
Cornhouse - Best Airbnb in the UK?

8 Apps I Couldn’t Live Without When Travelling The World

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My iPhone 4S was the only piece of technology I took travelling with me. Initially I wasn't going to use it much, but the day before I left, I was encouraged to post something on Facebook every 3 or 4 days, just to let friends and family know…