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10 Lessons For First Time Dads

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You're a dad! Or soon will be, congrats! :) Many new parents find out the sex of their baby at their 12 week scan. We didn't. We figured you don't really get many good surprises in life, so we never found out. Claire, my wife, thought…
Summer Sleeping Bags

The Best Summer Sleeping Bags For The Camping & The Festival Season

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The other week I got my old Vango sleeping bag out of its stuff sack and noticed the zip was broken. After 6 years of camping use, I'd completely forgotten it broke during a Cornish camping trip, and I needed a new one. Now the summer camping…
Singapore walking tour during a 12-hour layover

12 Hours In Singapore – 7 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Layover

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Singapore is one of the gateways to South East Asia and Australasia. As one of the main airport hubs for transfers to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and the Philippines, you will undoubtedly experience a layover in Singapore…