The Best Summer Sleeping Bags For The Camping & The Festival Season

Summer Sleeping Bags

The other week I got my old Vango sleeping bag out of its stuff sack and noticed the zip was broken. After 6 years of camping use, I’d completely forgotten it broke during a Cornish camping trip, and I needed a new one.

Now the summer camping season has arrived, I thought I’d write a handy blog post around summer sleeping bags for those of you looking for a new addition to your camping kit. My new sleeping bag is a Vango Planet 150, which is comfortable for temperatures ranging from 4 – 15°C – perfect for British summer nights 🙂

The trick with finding a summer sleeping bag is to look at the comfortable temperature range, and match that to the location you are planning on sleeping / camping.

The Planet 150 for example might be the best summer sleeping bag for me as I camp a lot in Britain, but certain places outside of the UK, or on higher ground in the UK, may have much cooler nights, possibly as low as -4 degrees, even in summer. As such, plan correctly, follow the tips below, and hopefully you’ll find the ideal summer sleeping bag option for your camping trip or festival.

Here are my picks of the best summer sleeping bags for 2017 (click the images to view on retailer site):

1. Vango Ultralite Pro 300

I must admit, Vango do make great sleeping bags. My last three sleeping bags have all been Vango, and they have all been excellent and lasted over five years each. This version is one designed for year round explorers who demand low weight and small pack size. It has a comfortable temperature range of between +7°C and -3°C. From £78.

Vango Ultralite 300 Sleeping Bag


2. Microlite 500 Square Sleeping Bag

This Mountain Warehouse Sleeping Bag is a great summer season choice. This sleeping bag is for much milder temperatures as it has a comfortable temperature range of between +5°C and +11°C. From £30.

Microlite 500 Sleeping Bag


3. Vango Sennen 250 Sleeping Bag

The Vango Sennen sleeping bag provides quality and affordability in a mummy-shaped bag. It provides warmth, and a pack size that is ideal for first time campers, festival goers and DofE groups. It has an approximate comfortable temperature range of between +6°C and 2°C. From £46.

Vango Sennen 250 Sleeping Bag


4. Trespass 300GSM Single Envelope Sleeping Bag

Whilst it doesn’t have the most inspiring design, the 300GSM is envelope shaped, allowing you to find that perfect sleeping position. It has an approximate comfortable temperature range of between +8°C and 0°C. From £35.

Trespass 300GSM single envelope Sleeping Bag


5. OMM Mountain Raid 1 Sleeping Bag

OMM are a great outdoors brand, with a superb range of backpacks and sleeping backs. Here I’ve gone for the 1.0 version, a lovely, snug, long sleeping bag with a temperature range of between +9°C and -1°C. From £150.

OMM Mountain Raid Sleeping Bag


6. Sirius 200 Long Sleeping Bag

This Ayacucho sleeping bag is a great option for camping in milder conditions. It’s comfortable temperature range is between +6°C and 0°C. This summer sleeping bag is extra long, so perfect for those over 6ft tall. From £65.

Ayacucho Sirius 200 long Sleeping Bag


7. Outwell Campion Lux Sleeping Bag

This is a good option for those that don’t like mummy shaped sleeping bags and want more space around the feet. This summer sleeping bag also provides a double option, for those who want to snuggle up during the night. Temperature range is around +6°C, and has a comfortable limit of -1°C. From £29 (single and double).

Outwell Campion Lux Sleeping Bag


8. Karrimor Superlight 2 Sleeping Bag

The Karrimor Superlight 2 Sleeping Bag is ideal for spring and summer time camping. It is a two season sleeping bag that is comfortable around +7°C, and has a limit of +2°C. From £40.

Karrimor Superlight 2 Sleeping Bag


And lastly – just for fun – I spotted this awesome Easy Camp festival sleeping bag online (£22). It also doubles as a coat using drawstrings at the bottom! 🙂


If you’re not sure if the sleeping bag you have is not going to be warm enough, then you have a couple of options. Firstly, you could put a sleeping bag inside another bag, thus adding another layer of warmth.

Another option is to use a sleeping bag liner. If the conditions are simply too warm for any type of sleeping bag, then a liner is a great option. I used a liner when I was in Colombia and Brazil because the temperature never dropped below 18 degrees – even at night.

Sleeping bag liners are also useful for hygiene purposes, for example if you’re not sure how clean your hotel/hostel/bunkhouse sheets are.

Sleeping bag liners come in cotton or silk, and pack down really small, so they are perfect for backpacking. Try one of these three options:

Cocoon Egyptian Cotton Travel Liner£29.99 (or the same option but with insect shield for better protection from mosquitos and other creepy crawlies)

Lifeventure Silk Sleeping Bag Liner £31.70

Lastly, don’t forget. even though it’s summer, you’ll still need some insulation from the ground, so make sure you pack a roll mat or self inflating camping mat to keep you comfortable and warm from the ground!

Happy summer camping guys!

Disclosure – Some of the links above include affiliate links. This means when the links are clicked and a product is purchased, I make a little commission on each sale. Just letting you know. Carry on 🙂

Prices last updated April 2020

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