Ahh it’s almost March and I have no posts! Time to make up for it.

Firstly check out the video below. Some crazy chap decided to take it upon himself to find the longest escalator in Europe (at Angel Tube station), ride the escalator to the top and then ski all the way down. Madness. Just wish the video could be slightly clearer. A comedy fall at the end wouldn’t go amiss either.

Would have loved to have seen him try and snow plough his way out if he lost his balance…..

Just one of the many videos at the moment that are making the rounds. Another story I read in the Metro this morning was one of President Bush’s aide’s appearing to do a rap at a black tie dinner in Washington. Needless to say the President didn’t look too amused. Or maybe he was just reminiscing about his student years.

For more amusing skiing stories, check out my previous posts about my Tignes ski holiday 2007, and 2006. Enjoy!

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