I consider myself a patient and tolerant guy. I never get annoyed by small things. However having been hammered by the sales team from Phones4u several times over the last 6 months I have to finally vent my frustration….and it seems I’m not alone. Dean Bubley also has a rant in his post here.
Phones4u - Drop the Hard Sell!
It’s worth noting that I am a salesperson too, which may mean I notice the ‘hard sell’ tactics more than others. But for their sales team to stand in their shop doorways shouting “alright mate, you lookin’ for a good deal today?” is not going to entice me in – in fact it has the opposite effect.

Just let customers look round and then (if you feel the need) descend on them like a hungry vulture. Standing someone outside the shop won’t give you a competitive advantage.

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