The latest top UK brands survey, published by YouGov can be seen at the bottom of this post.

Data published this week has revealed more organic brands are making inroads to climb rungs on the UK’s top brands ladder.

The UK report, jointly compiled by Checkout and market research company Nielsen suggest that consumers are leaning more towards healthy foods. The list of the top 100 brands was compiled based on sales data recorded by Nielsen across over 74,000 grocery stores and supermarkets.

Top of the list again was Coca Cola, although their top position was cemented with strong sales on the ‘no sugar’ drink Coke Zero.

More interestingly, the fastest growing brand was Innocent Drinks who’s healthy, organic smoothie sales have taken the UK by storm. But not only do they provideInnocent Drinks a great product, they also have a great brand which is slightly quirky. The first time an Innocent smoothie caught my attention was when I was reading the ingredients on the side of the Strawberrys and Bananas 1 litre smoothie packaging. I read all the usual ingredients but didn’t expect the word ‘pebble’ to be included. They were joking of course, but the quirky brand image has no doubt helped them become the UK’s fastest growing brand.

And what about the top 10? These are listed below, with each brands annual turnover for 2005.

1. Coca Cola – £942.4m
2. Warburtons – £514.3m
3. Walkers – £424m
4. Hovis – £403.1m
5. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk – £361.5m
6. Nescafe – £331.3m
7. Andrex – £326.6m
8. Lucozade – £296.2m
9. Kingsmill – £282.3m
10. Robinson – £277.3m

Innocent Drinks entered at number 63 with £96.3m. For a full list please see AC Nielsen

Update – Brandz Top 100 Survey, published April 2008.

The following list are the top 10 UK brands based on brand value;

1. Vodafone – $36.9m
2. Tesco – $23.2m
3. HSBC – $18.5m
4. Marks and Spencer – $11.6m
5. Barclays – $7.3m
6. Standard Chartered Bank – $6.85m
7. BP – $6.3m
8. Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) – $5.78m
9. Asda – $5.62m
10. Natwest – $4.97m

In terms of the top world brands, the global top 5 brands are as follows (again listed by brand value);

1. Google – $86m
2. General Electric (GE) – $71.3m
3. Microsoft – $70.8m
4. Coca Cola – $58.2m
5. China Mobile – $57.2m

The full list of top brands, broken down by region and other metrics can be found at

## YouGov Top UK Brands Survey – July 2008 ###

Google has become the UK’s top brand, moving up two places from last years poll. No supermarkets made it into the top 100. Asda dropped 253 places, Tesco 230 places and Sainsbury’s 194 places.

Top Brands in the UK

1. Google
2. Microsoft
3. Mercedes-Benz
4. BBC
5. British Airways
6. Royal Doulton
7. BMW
8. Bosch
9. Nike
10. Sony

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