A Lynx ClickerFantastic advertising by Unilever. The new Lynx clicker advert has taken the UK by storm, and on an average night out you’ll probably find groups of guys going round with their very own Lynx clicker, clicking each time a girl makes a pass at them.

Genius piece of marketing.

For those who haven’t seen the Lynx clicker ad, it stars Ben Affleck who goes about a typical day, shopping and eating etc, but each time a girl gives him ‘a look’ or the eye, a click gets counted.

At the end of the day he gets into a lift with another guy and they compare the total number of clicks. Ben Affleck’s is around 239, the other guys is over 2000. Why? Because he uses Lynx deodorant.

And now the Lynx clickers are available to buy on Amazon, nights out in a club are filled with groups of guys going round clicking their Lynx clicker, totalling the number of passes they’ve had during the night. I’m thinking of buying one for a few of my mates, but making sure the clicker doesn’t pass the tenth click….

Lynx clickers are selling for around £6 on eBay, so get one and sell it on – they’re hot property!

Better than the Sony Bravia advert? No chance.

Have a look at the Lynx Clicker advert below…

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