The Argentine Experience - Adventure Bagging

The Argentine Experience – Buenos Aires

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What springs to mind when you think of Argentina? Sumptuous red wine? Delicious steak? Tango? All of the above? After struggling with the food and drink in Bolivia, arriving into Buenos Aires was a breath of fresh air, and the Argentine…
Butchery Lesson - Smiths Of Smithfield, London

Butchery, Beef And Bewitching Views – Smiths of Smithfield

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I'm not a food blogger. Not really. But I do love good food. Especially steak. And wine. So when I was invited to explore the top floor of Smiths of Smithfield restaurant in London, and presented with three courses of quality rare breed beef,…
Butchery Lesson - Smiths Of Smithfield, London

It’s An Appropriate Day To Talk About Steak

Valentine's Day is, on the whole, a day dedicated to ladies. For this reason, a day dedicated to men was created, exactly one month after Valentine's Day - 14th March. It involves two things men love. One of those things is steak.Most thoroughbred…