Valentine’s Day is, on the whole, a day dedicated to ladies. For this reason, a day dedicated to men was created, exactly one month after Valentine’s Day – 14th March. It involves two things men love. One of those things is steak.

Most thoroughbred men love steak. Some like it rare, some like it well done. If you’re not a steak connoisseur, here’s how your appropriately cooked steak should look;

And what about different cuts of steak? Why is fillet steak always more expensive than sirloin? Different cuts of beef are taken from different parts of the cow. Fillet steak, is, arguably, tastier than sirloin and other cuts of beef, as it’s taken from lower part of the loin – hence the higher price. Here’s all the cuts of beef you need to know;

It is no coincidence my birthday is the 14th March.

Enjoy your steaks gentlemen 🙂

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