Occasionally I get a craving for a burger. A real meat-dripping, melted cheese, moan-as-you-eat burger.

I’m not sure what happened in Brighton. I went a little nuts.

Coming off the back of a four day Easter training hike, my body was telling me I had a calorie deficit, and the little devil on my shoulder only had to whisper the word ‘burger‘ for the naughty seed to be firmly planted in my head.

Whenever and wherever I travel, I try to be as healthy as possible and eat clean (I won’t comment on the drinking side of things). Brighton was the exception. This was a total burger filth fest. Three big beasts of meat in two days.

Three burgers in two days - Brighton
From left to right – the Trolls Pantry Imperial Swine burger, MEATIiquor cheeseburger, and Burger Brothers Benetton burger.

This is how my slutty burger story unfolded.


MEATLiquor Brighton - Venue and Menu

Why This Place?

I arrived in Brighton, and was shown around yet another flawless Airbnb pad by my host. It was 7pm. My body was craving food. I remembered that MEATliquor had a place in Brighton, and from my last burger experience with them in Covent Garden, it would be well worth the trip. I brought up Google Maps on my phone. I found out it was less than 200m away.

What Did You Have?

Normally I’m quite adventurous when it comes to burgers. But not this night. Just a plan old cheeseburger and fries sufficed. And a beer, obviously.

Where Is It?

22-23 York Pl, Brighton, BN1 4GU


As usual, with most of the MEATmarket / MEATliquor establishments, this was a solid burger. Very little wrong with it, and I practically inhaled it. 8.5 out of 10.



Hobgoblin Pub, with The Trolls Pantry, Brighton - Venue and Menu

Why This Place?

I was in Brighton for the BrightonSEO conference. A notoriously busy and boozy affair. I caught up with some other search geeks in the morning, and the suggestion for lunch was a burger. I mentioned that I had been to MEATliquor the night before, to which that comment was greeted with “Hobgoblin is THE burger place in Brighton. The burgers are better than MEATliquor”. That was like waving a red flag to a bull. Off we went.

What Did You Have?

The Trolls Pantry have quite the burger selection. From the notable ‘Trolls Stinky Breath’ burger, through to the basic ‘Paladin‘ burger. I went for the Imperial Swine – 1/3lb steak pattie, maple candied bacon, St Giles Cheese, ketchup, mustard, garlic mayo, pickles, lettuce and onion.

Where Is It?

31 York Pl, Brighton. BN1 4GU


This burger was incredible. The meat from the burger slowly ooozed out, it was cooked to near perfection, and the mouth-watering flavours made me exhale weird noises whilst I devoured it. 9.5 out of 10.



Burger Brothers, Brighton - Venue and Menu

Why This Place?

The conference finished in the evening, and we all went to the pub for drinks. Then more drinks. Eventually the ‘normal’ food window closed, and it was dark. My friend started walking around, looking for taxis. When the last person got into their taxi, and it disappeared down the road, I found myself standing opposite the open Burger Brothers. And I was hungry.

What Did You Have?

I had the filthiest burger of them all, the Benetton burger. Locally sourced, prime British beef, portobello mushroom, chorizo, wasabi mayo, caramelised onions, a balsamic vinegar glaze, and award-winning blue stilton. Very naughty.

Where Is It?

97 North Road, Brighton. BN1 1YE.


The wasabi mayo stung the lips, the meat was delicious, and being a bit of a blue cheese fan (!), this was the perfect meat sponge to soak up the beers. Incredibly tasty and fresh. 9 out of 10.



I’m such a burger whore.

If you’re ever in Brighton, have a burger. You will be spoilt for choice. My winner was the Imperial Swine, so head for the Trolls Pantry. You won’t be disappointed.

Imperial Swine burger, Trolls Pantry, Brighton
A messy bundle of burger naughtiness.
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  1. The Dreamer
    The Dreamer says:

    I could have done with this blog post a few days earlier, as I've just got back from 3 days in Brighton myself.
    My recommendation would be The New Club, right on the seafront opposite the old West Pier on Kings Road – http://thenewclubbrighton.com/ – a very enjoyable 'Dirty Burger' was consumed & the fries were excellent, too.

  2. Katie Dawes
    Katie Dawes says:

    Ahh I lived in Brighton for four years so seeing all these burgers was a blast from the past! Hobgoblin is DEFINITELY the best in town! But you missed a few favourites – Grubbs Burgers, Brighton Burger, & BBQ Shack should all be checked out on your next trip!


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