We’re rapidly moving into a 3D generation, with technology companies and entertainment houses developing a whole host of 3D consumer products. With that in mind, are we far off 3D display advertising?

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BSkyB launched their 3D TV service in October this year, with consumers at home and in pubs round the country watching their favourite TV shows and sports behind 3D glasses. In terms of 3D TV advertising, Courvoisier secured its place in 3D advertising history as the first brand to create a 3D TV advert, which screened on Channel 4 in late 2009. With Google TV now launching across Sony’s TV’s, surely it wont be long until Google roll out their display advertising model to TV searches, followed by the potential of an exciting 3D display model.

Moving onto laptops, there are already several 3D laptops available to buy, with Acer, HP and Toshiba leading the way. Many believe it will be the games industry that drives 3D forward in the UK. For Macbook users, Apple announced the Macbook 3D earlier this year, with many believing the race for 3D content is already underway. With a more mobile internet population these days, the ability to watch 3D movies on the go will be equally important for growth, so the iPad will also play an important roll. If 3D display advertising is to hit the UK soon, 3D laptops and desktops will be the heartbeat of Google’s revenue model.

Lastly, let’s look at mobiles. I’m a big mobile advocate, so it caught my attention when Sharp unveiled the first Android smartphone with a 3D Screen. Display advertising has been slow to take off on mobile, but Admob are leading the way and showing some good results to prove this advertising medium is starting to simmer nicely. With that in mind, 3D display advertising now has the foundation stones to roll out to mobiles in the future.

To summarise, the thought leaders ‘three screen’ marketing strategy is all set to take advantage of engaging 3D advertising. It’s also no surprise that Google acquired Bump Technologies (they provided a 3D desktop interface) back in March 2010. All the pieces of the 3D display advertising puzzle are in place. I can’t wait to see some of the ads digital agencies come up with.

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