No-one can make a 100% theft proof wallet, but it doesn’t stop companies trying. Q might have come the closest.

The clever chaps at Dunhill and TungstenW have created the closest thing to a theft proof wallet. They call it a biometric wallet.


The wallet is opened using personal fingerprint scanner encryption, so even if someone does run away with it, they’d have trouble getting opening it. The ‘theft proof’ wallet also has a carbon fibre exterior, which means it’s water and scratch proof as well as unbreakable and lightweight.

The best part is the wallet connects to Bluetooth on your mobile phone. Thus, if the wallet and your mobile phone stray too far apart, you’ll be alerted through your phone. Nice touch. Unfortunately, these wallets don’t come cheap. The Dunhill biometric wallet retails at $700, with similar wallets not far behind at around $600

But for me, there is so much more you could add for that price – GPS tracking technology for a start. So not exactly cheap theft protection, but definitely a step forward in the right direction. [Read more at]

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