Simon’s Jamjar went live on 1st January 2006 and over the course of the last 18 months my unique visitor levels have been pretty good.

I try to write topical and humourous blog posts that are succinct with recent events or news. On average I receive around 20 unique visitors per day – not bad for a blog that is only updated 3 or 4 times a month.

Looking back, there were a few posts that did pretty well in boosting my unique visitor levels. My Lynx Clicker Advert post back in March did well, as did my post on the Sony Bravia Advert with the bouncing balls in San Francisco. What do these posts have in common? They include images and a video, allowing better interaction for blog readers.

Then on the 7th April I wrote a post regarding Paramount Comedy’s ‘Where are they now?’ section, which seeks to find old movie stars and celebrities. As well as being fun to read, I included a link to an image of Kelly Kapowski in the post – which has gone like wildfire.

The image below shows my unique visitors and page views since the post was made.
The result of being visible in Google ImagesSo what is the real reason behind the hike in traffic? Well, as with any website, traffic is reliant on the website being visible on the search engines. However, the Paramount Comedy post doesn’t appear anywhere on Google’s main web results, but does appear on Google Images.

Over the last month, Google Images has provided 90% of my site traffic which just shows that simple content is good, but videos and images are the leading light for successful blogs.

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