For those who haven’t seen one of the ‘mash ups’ from Idiotwork, you’re missing out on the best waste of a lunchtime! Idiotwork video clips are hilarious. The guys at Idiotwork produce short film clips by merging the dialgoue of a film with a cartoon. Sounds corny, but that all depends on the dialogue!

This is the latest in video virals so check them out at

Two of my favourite mash ups are the Big He-Bowski (a mash up of He-Man and the Big Lebowski) and TPS (shown below).

T.P.S (This Place Sucks) is a mash up of the comedy Office Space with the all the superheros. Check out the TPS mash up below, courtesy of YouTube.

For those who have seen Office Space, wait for the moment when Drew is introduced (around 02:57). Brilliant.


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