The Nabaztag Smart RabbitA Nabaztag what I hear you cry? A nabaztag bunny rabbit is a quirky new invention designed to liven up your workplace or your home (if your very lonely).

Nabaztag is a Wifi connected ‘smart rabbit’ which will convey messages sent to it by email or mp3 file. Sounds a little dull, but is actually quite amusing if your on the move and want to spark a little office humour! The best bit is you can choose the type of voice you want your message read out in. At the moment this is limited to American and French (there’s a joke there somewhere) but messages can still be hilarious depending on the content. Beats a WiFi lamppost anyway!

Thinking out of the box, Nabaztag is actually a pretty useful gadget. If you want a message conveyed quickly without relying on your message recipient reading their email, then the nabaztag rabbit can pass on the message for you and alert your unknowing recipient.

Think of Nabaztag as a Duracel bunny, crossed with a Tamagotchi, crossed with a wireless device, crossed with an email reader, crossed with a hormonal French-American and you might get somewhere near an accurate description.

No doubt this gadget will remain cool for a whole month and then users will become bored, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. It is quite amusing getting the Nabaztag rabbit to read out random quirky phrases too – especially since the senders name is anonymous….

Have a look through for more information!


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