This is quite a revelating experience, and one I felt I had to share. Constructing a blog post whilst sitting on a GNER train travelling between London and Edinburgh. At the same time I’m using Wifi whizzing past fields of sheep – slightly surreal!

No doubt this is the technology of the future and sooner or later some clever chap will produce Wifi on aeroplanes (heck, they’ve started putting wifi into lampposts!), but for the moment I’m enjoying my GNER Wifi.

GNER are currently promoting a free Wifi trial that will soon become a payment service for all. £2.95 isn’t too bad for 30 minutes – and it is pretty worthwhile, for the pure experience if nothing else!

No doubt the easiest way to travel between Edinburgh and London is by flying. easyJet and BA have regular flights and if you book well enough in advance a flight will cost around £80 return. With easyJets online check-in service it means I can also spend an extra 30 minutes in bed. Glorious.

Anyhow, a big thumbs up to GNER for their wireless service – not lost the connection once and the speed is pretty quick too. GNER WiFi – A+.


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