Austrian Après: The Best Songs You’ll Hear In The Bars

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Last updated: March 2024

No country quite does apres like Austria.

French resorts usually have a DJ set and live bands playing the usual tunes, and yeah it’s fun, but it’s no different to what you would hear back in the UK.

Austrian apres ski is completely different. You ski all day, head down off the slopes at some point after 3pm, head to the bars, party until your legs don’t work anymore, head home, get food, be asleep before midnight.

With 18 years of apres ski under my belt, Austria does it best.

If you’ve experienced Austrian apres ski before, you’ll recognise some of the songs on the list below.

If you’re new to Austrian apres ski songs and you press play on one of the songs below, you’ll wonder what on Earth you just heard, and why would a song like that be popular.

Again, Austria just does apres ski…differently.

Head to Mayrhofen, Ischgl, Soll, Kaprun, Saalback, Lech, St. Anton or another Austrian resort and the tunes below will be ringing in your ears long after you return home.

Austrian apres ski is filled with German and Dutch Euro-pop songs. Songs that if released in the UK would take an almighty panning from the less than sympathetic media.

So if you’re in a bar in an Austrian resort and these songs come on, get involved. Learn the moves, cheers your drink to the person next to you, and enjoy the ride 🙂

So without further adieu, here are the top, best Austrian apres ski songs your hear around the resorts in Arlberg, the Zillertal, the Ski Welt and the Ski Circus.

For those on mobile: YouTube playlist and Spotify playlist.

Enjoy the tunes!


  1. Johnny Däpp (Ich will Malle zurück) – Lorenz Büffel
  2. Jägermeister DJ Alex & Matty Valentino – Auffe Aufn Berg
  3. Der alte Dessauer (So feiern wir alle Tage)
  4. Snollebollekes – Links Rechts
  5. Mama Laudaaa – Almklausi
  6. Mickie Krause – Schatzi schenk mir ein Foto
  7. Die Draufgänger – Cordula Grün
  8. Mickie Krause – Sie hatte nur noch Schuhe an
  9. Tobee – Helikopter 117
  11. Stereoact feat. Kerstin Ott – Die Immer Lacht
  12. Anthony Modeste Song
  13. Der DJ aus den Bergen
  14. 20 Zentimeter – Frenzy Blitz
  15. Lawineboys Feat. Dj Jerome – Sex Met Die Kale
  16. Mickie Krause – Eine Woche wach
  17. Ich verkaufe meinen Körper – Peter Wackel
  18. Andreas Gabalier – Hulapalu
  19. Mickie Krause – Ich Bin Solo
  20. Joana – Peter Wackel
  21. Axel Fischer – #Amsterdam

The playlists contain a few more songs above and beyond this list. If you think I’ve missed any, let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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  1. Matt Durbin
    Matt Durbin says:

    Brilliant piece. Just come back from Mayrhofen. Austrian apres is amazing. They played all these songs. Hearing them before I went made the experience much more enjoyable. Mickie Krause Eine Woche Wach is now Eine Woche Schnee in the bars now.

    • Simon Heyes
      Simon Heyes says:

      Hi Matt, glad you enjoyed them! Up until last year, the Bruck n’Stadl and the Eisbar were my favourite apres ski bars of choice too! Changed it this year for the apres ski temple that is the Hofstadl in Flacau….equally as enjoyable!


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