Simon with son bed, leaving hospital

On 15th September, 2018, I became a dad for the first time.

It sounds odd, but you’d think I would have been preparing for that moment for the last 9 months.

But let me tell you, despite all the reading, all the classes, all the waiting, nothing prepared me for the wave of emotion and sheer joy I felt when baby Benjamin entered the world.

Let me say this out loud – I cannot tell you how phenomenal Claire was throughout the entire 9 months and during the birth. Your perspective changes on a lot about things when you become a dad, but for any woman that has given birth, you are AWESOME.

I also have a completely new found respect for the NHS, and all the people involved in Ben’s birth. The NHS is a wonderful, unique, brilliant service, and long may it remain that way.


It was only a couple of years ago that I was free.

Free to adventure wherever I liked. I could travel solo, and there was nothing tying me down. I was footloose, fancy free, and could take off on an adventure whenever I wanted. I smirked and gave a thumbs up to all the ‘all my friends are having babies and I’m booking another flight‘ type memes on Facebook.

Then Pip arrived in July 2017, and going away wasn’t so easy. If Claire was away at the same time, we’d need doggie care, or if I was away, I needed to make sure everything was in place so that Claire was as comfortable as possible looking after her. Pip travels with us around the UK, but if we’re heading abroad, it needs a little planning.

Adventures had…changed. Not much, but instead of just being me, or me and Claire, it was now me and Pip, or me, Claire and Pip. We couldn’t just fly away on a whim.

But with a baby, logistics are far more complicated.

It’s not just that though.

As a dad, I now have a little human to grow, nurture, love and protect.

Simon and Ben at home

In a way, it’s a bit like passing a baton. When Ben grows up, I want him to explore the world like I have, experience similar things to what I’ve experienced.

My focus has shifted I guess, to being less about me and my adventures, but towards Ben and how every day so far has been an adventure for him (and me) – and he’s not even talking, crawling or walking yet.

Simon and Ben - Adventure Bagging

Despite the long nights and lack of sleep, I’m soooo eager to show him the world.

Adventures have changed, again.

In a way, he’s my biggest adventure so far, and I’m loving every moment.

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