12 Of The Best Beer Bars In Bruges

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When you think of Bruges, you should think chocolate, frites and mayonnaise, and you should think beer. Strong beer.

Belgium is renowned globally for its blonde / strong / strawberry / craft beer, so when I had the chance to visit Bruges earlier this summer I wanted to try all the beers the bars and pubs of Bruges had to offer.

One thing I learnt quite quickly in Bruges was that ordering beer can be a bit of a minefield. I was sat in Delaney’s Irish Pub to watch the rugby, and a friend asked me what I wanted to drink. I spun around on my chair, pointed at what I thought looked like a nice blonde beer, and before I knew it was I drinking a 9% pale ale.

For anyone wanting to last the weekend beer session, 9% is not the way forward 🙂

The main beer of Bruges is known as Brugse Zot, a very drinkable 6% blonde beer to which you will become familiar with if you’re spending a weekend in Bruges, as every bar and restaurant sells it. But there are hundreds of other beers to try, and to point you in the direction of the best bars and pubs to try all these wonderful, flavoursome beers, I have created two things for you: 1) a list of the top 12 beer bars in Bruges, and 2) plotted them on a map that you can open up in Google Maps and thank me when you’re walking round the city in beery merriment 🙂

Simply click on each of the icons in the map to see the location, phone number, website and opening times. You can find the best beer bars in Bruges map at the bottom of this post, or click here to open it in Google Maps.

So, without further adieu, here are my top beer bars in Bruges!

1. ‘t Brugsch Bieratelier

I had to start with one of my favourites. ‘t Brugsch Bieratelier is known for its 12 beer tasting float. Yes, 12 beers lined up on a wooden plank for you to try. I would advise going here after you’ve eaten. Grab a table in the sun, and watch the envious tourists ogling your plethora of Belgian beers.

't Brugsch Bieratelier Bar - Bruges 12 beer tasting float - 't Brugsch Bieratelier, Bruges

2. The Druid’s Cellar [Currently Closed]

Dark, dingy, candlelight and positively wonderful, this bar is run by a friendly Geordie bloke who knows a thing or two about beer. Walking down the stone stairs past the Leprechaun entrance (yes, really) transports you into another world where you can drink Belgian beer to your hearts content if it’s raining outside.

The Druids Cellar bar, Bruges Inside The Druids Cellar bar, Bruges

3. 2be/Dubbel bvba

A tourist attraction in itself, 2be is known for its famous ‘beer wall’. Literally hundreds of beers in a glass cabinet running from the entrance, all the way to the bar. If you’re not careful you could spend more time identifying the beers in the beer wall rather than drinking the beer!

The beer wall at 2be - Bruges The beer bar at 2be - Bruges


4. Cafe Vlissinghe

Probably my favourite bar / pub in Bruges, and also boasts the title of the oldest pub in Bruges! Located off the beaten track and away from the tourist centre, our Airbnb apartment overlooked the beer garden at Vlissinghe, so we spent a lot of time here. Wonderfully traditional, cheaper beers than many of the other bars, a boules court and a plentiful beer menu make this THE place to be if the sun is out and you want to get away from the crowds.

Cafe Vlissinghe - Beer Garden, Bruges Cafe Vlissinghe - Dark Zot beer, Bruges Cafe Vlissinghe - Fort Lapin, Bruges

5. The Trappiste

I think this is the only bar on the list I didn’t visit, but Le Trappiste is a specialist beer bar located in an 800 year old medieval cellar in the heart of Bruges, and is known for its 5 beer tasting float. If you’re a fan of the Druid Cellar, you’ll probably like this bar too.

6. Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan (De Halve Maan Brewery)

You can’t visit Bruges without visiting a brewery, right? These guys brew the beer of the city, Zot, and a number of other beers. Situated in a nice little courtyard near the centre, this place is also good for a spot of lunch.

De Halve Maan Brewery courtyard - Bruges

7. Duvelorium Grand Beer Café

Home of the Duvel beer, and a brilliant place to people watch as it overlooks the main square. If you’re in the main square and see a balcony with lots of people sat drinking beer, you are looking at this place.

Duvelorium beer bar, market square, Bruges Duvelorium beer bar, overlooking the market square, Bruges

8. De Garre

I was recommended this bar by a friend of mine, and it didn’t disappoint. This place brews their own beer, a lovely 11% (!) tipple called Garre. A hidden little tavern, don’t spend too long in here or you might end up wobbly!

9. Delaney’s Irish Bar

I know, I know…I should be giving you the authentic, traditional beer taverns to try in Bruges, but I also want to mention the bars that cater for the lesser beer aficionados. For anyone wanting to catch sport, be it rugby or football, you can watch it at Delaney’s Irish Bar whilst trying a range of beers on tap at the bar. It’s also a sizeable place, so you’re more than likely to get a seat.

10. The Monk

Another sports bar, ideal for watching football. Much smaller than Delaney’s, but also a bit further away from the centre.

11. Don Quichotte

Located in a little area behind the main market square, this place and a number of other bars next door, is where – I imagine – the party gets started late at night. Another bar I didn’t visit, but another option for any mad sports fans out there.

12. The Barhaus

Last but not least, give the Barhaus a try. They offer a beer tasting experience every evening to help explain the difference between Trappist beers, Abbey beers, Tripels, Quadrupels, ales and more for just 12.50 EUR.

Bruges Beer Bars Map

Check out the map below for my selection of the best beer bars in Bruges!

Have been to Bruges? Agree with my list of the best beer bars and pubs? Feel free to comment below and add more to the list 🙂


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14 replies
  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    Great list of places and some there we’ll definitely keep an eye out for when we next visit. One place we’ve ended up a couple of times when we’ve visited has been Brewery Bourgogne des Flandres; brews its own beers (as you could probably guess), offers tours of the brewery, and has some lovely views over the river.

  2. Dave Kessler
    Dave Kessler says:

    Nice list, but it’s missing something for professional beer fans. Cafe Rose Red has an amazing assortment of lambics, which are really what you need to try if you’re only in Belgium for a short while. The other bars all offer the same old stuff you can find anywhere else in the area.

    • Simon Heyes
      Simon Heyes says:

      Hi Dave, thanks for commenting! I never went to Cafe Rose Red, but will check it out the next time I’m in Bruges!

  3. Ian
    Ian says:

    I spent 12 months in Bruges and would suggest, l‘t Brugs Beertje, Kemelstraat, best local pub, I cannot believe this is not on the list! Best bar & restaurant, Het Swarts Huis. Best bar for fun, Delaney’s.

  4. paul sysum
    paul sysum says:

    Hi just a update I’ve been to Bruges 3 times this year 2019 and each time the Druids Bar has been closed
    This time I spoke tk the owner of a near by business he says it’s not trading any more
    Such a shame as I have spent a few good evenings sampling the beers

    • Simon Heyes
      Simon Heyes says:

      Hi Paul, thanks for the comment. That’s such a shame as it was a great little bar in a good location. Here’s hoping it re-opens sometime soon!

  5. Paul Narramore
    Paul Narramore says:

    De Garre does not brew it’s own beer, the House Tripel. This is brewed elsewhere by a brewery on their behalf. My personal favourite bar in Bruges.

  6. Seth
    Seth says:

    I spent 6 weeks(not nearly enough time to enjoy all of what Bruges has to offer). La trapisste is probably the best bar I’ve ever been to. Great atmosphere and they have a beer Bible, not a menu. Highly recommend. If it means anything to readers, I’m a Wisconsinite, this city knows how to have a good time. Cheers all!


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