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I always remember my cheapest beers were in Bolivia, and deepest, darkest China. Both local beers, they cost me the equivalent of 85p and 75p respectively. They were pretty good beers too, which made their price even sweeter!

So where else around the world can you get a cheap beer? And which are the cities to avoid for expensive beer?

Well, research conducted by Honest Coffees shows that Dubai is the most expensive city for beer, coming in at £8.78. This is followed closely by Hong Kong (£6.31) and Paris (£6.14).

If you want a cheap beer, the cities that serve up amber nectar that save the pennies are Cairo (£1.96) and Cape Town (£1.95).

The study also looked at the price of coffee, Coke and water, and found that thrifty travellers would be well advised to head for Africa, with Cape Town coming in at less than a fiver for all four drinks and Cairo the best value at a measly £3.92.

The full list of cities and drink prices can be found below (click the table for the large, fandangled infographic version);

Cheapest Cities For Beer

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