Our last night in Malawi was spent at Danforth Yachting, a delightful water sports lodge in Cape McClear, right on the shores of Lake Malawi.

After the eco-paradise of Mumbo Island, I didn’t think anywhere else could match the back to nature experience. Danforth Yachting doesn’t try to compete with Mumbo, and rightly so. Danforth is more luxurious, has more amenities and offers the widest variety of water sports on Lake Malawi.

After a walk through the local village we were greeted at Danforth Yachting by the staff, and a refreshing ice tea. I was shown to my room, a spacious double with air con (a welcome relief from the heat) and WiFi throughout (great for me as I was ready to post a few updates on social media!).

The view of Lake Malawi from Danforth Yachting

The view from the room looks out across the lush green lawn, across a small pool and out across the vast Lake Malawi towards Thumbi West island. Compared to the activities of Mumbo Island, this was a much more relaxed setting…perfect for our last 24 hours in the Warm Heart Of Africa.

The inland view of the nautical themed rooms at Danforth Yachting, Cape McClear

Looking out to my left, past the trampoline (!) and moored catamaran (more on that later), there was a two-story wooden building containing diving and water sports equipment, a small human watering hole, and the Danforth team were building a wine bar on the top floor to look out over the lake, perfect for watching those big African sunsets.

Sailing boats on the golden sand shore of Lake Malawi - Danforth Yachting

To my right stood an impressive thatched gazebo. This was the location for meals and socialising in the shade. All in all, Danforth Yachting is an intimate lodge, made all the better for the incredibly friendly staff, and personalised feel provided by the owner Howard and his team.

Danforth Yachting's small pool and thatched gazebo
Photo source: Danforthyachting.com
The view looking East over the golden beach shore of Lake Malawi - Cape McClear
Looking East along Lake Malawi’s shoreline

We arrived around lunchtime, so our first port of call was to grab some lunch under the shaded gazebo. The cooling lake breeze circled through the dining area, as we tucked into fresh salads and various dishes prepared for our lunch.

The it was time to relax. Some of the group went for a nap. Some read books. Some sunbathed. I hit the trampoline. When was the last time you went on a trampoline? Exactly! But then I realised my food hadn’t digested properly, so I went for a lie down.


When I opened my eyes on the sun lounger, the first thing that came into view out on the Lake was Danforth’s 40ft catamaran. Known affectionately as Mufusa, the fully equipped catamaran is the only ocean-going, live aboard yacht on Lake Malawi.

Mufasa, the 40ft catamaran, on Lake Malawi - Danforth Yachting
Mufasa the catamaran. Photo source: Mokoro.it.

If Danforth itself was a slice of relaxation, Mufasa was the icing on the cake.

Shortly after finishing my portion of Bobotie, we boarded the dinghies and headed out to Mufasa, ready to start our Lake Malawi catamaran sunset cruise.

The view of Cape McClear from Lake Malawi. Can you spot Danforth's colourful sails in the background?
The view of Cape McClear from Lake Malawi. Can you spot Danforth’s colourful sails in the background?

Our feet hit the warm white surface, and we headed out to the front of the deck, basking in the warm Malawi evening sun. A glass of prosecco was thrust into our hands, and we toasted the end of a great trip around Malawi.

Group drinks on board Mufasa - Danforth Yachting


Prosecco at the ready - Sunset cruise, Lake Malawi with Danforth Yachting

With little wind, we began cruising to the West, away from the islands and into open water. Apart from the catamaran made breeze, the lake was still, reflecting the setting sun onto Mufasa’s grand mast.

Watching the sun setting over Lake Malawi from Mufasa

We sunk beers, chatted about our trip and watched the setting sun as we cruised back to Danforth Yachting. It was a fitting end to an incredible trip around a country I would never have thought of visiting previously.

Simon Heyes drinking a beer and watching the sunset over Lake Malawi


Simon with beer and phone in hand. Standard travel blogger pose :)


The press group bidding a fond farewell to Malawi, on-board Mufasa - Danforth Yachting

After a few more beers with the staff, our final evening came to a close. After a great nights sleep in my nautical-themed room, we took down one final breakfast meal and packed our bags ready to leave.

It was a shame to leave Malawi, but it was also a shame to leave Danforth. There are so many activities available, I wanted to stay one more day! Sailing, snorkelling, diving, waterskiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, fishing, mountain biking, nature walks…you name it, Danforth Yachting can offer it.

With one final bounce on the trampoline, and a last glimpse of Lake Malawi, we said our farewells and headed to the minibus, ready for the long journey back to Blantyre Airport.

Simon taking a cooling dip in Danforth Yachting's pool

Watch the short video of my sunset cruise on Lake Malawi with Danforth Yachting!

Disclaimer: I visited Malawi thanks to an invitation from South African Airways and Malawi Tourism. While the trip was sponsored by them, the views and opinions I present here are explicitly my own. To find our more about Malawi, please visit the Malawi Tourism website, and for more information about Danforth Yachting, please visit Danforthyachting.com.

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