This throwback, nostalgic post was inspired by this post over on BuzzFeed. I thought I’d add more of a UK spin 🙂

Weren’t the 90’s great? Here’s 13 items that you usually saw in the playground, round someones wrist, on someones forehead or at someones desk in the classroom;

1. Panini Football Stickers

I remember I was only 2 stickers away from completing the 1989 album.

2. Slap Bracelets

Quite a few snake burns later, this got slapped on your wrist eventually.

3. Tamagotchis

I never had one myself, but these were all the rage.

4. Pogs

Another one I never got into, but 99% of people at school had these.

5. Push Pops

I loved these!

6. Rubber Poppers

These didn’t work well on wooden desks or in the playground, but get a smooth surface and you were laughing.

7. Yo-Yos

The yo-yo went through a stage of being über cool.

8. Trolls

I never understood the fascination with these. I had a pencil topper one, but that was just to look cool and fit in.

9. Micro Machines

These were ace because they were small enough to fit into your desk and pockets without being noticed.

10. Hubba Bubba

Hubba Bubba enjoyed it’s prime in the late 80’s. But remember, if you swallowed it, it would get wrapped round your heart.

11. Spud Guns

A few daring ‘friends’ brought these into school. Each one was confiscated soon after the first shot was fired.

12. Pencil Cannon

Standard school boy weapon. Usually ended in detention.

13. Dolly Beads

You get the gist of the last few items. Basically anything that can be turned into a catapult / weapon was standard contraband.

Anything I’ve missed? Let me know! 🙂

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  1. Brian Healy
    Brian Healy says:

    I'm glad I had left school by the time all this tomfoolery came about… apart from the Panini stickers, they were awesome.

    " Swap! I'll give you a foil badge and a Kenny Sansom for it! What do you mean no?"


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