I don’t read many books. In fact the only time I get chance to read a book or two is when I go on a beach holiday. I was in Cyprus last week getting some early autumn sun and read a superb book called Friends Like These by Danny Wallace.

Friends Like These by Danny Wallace

A mate of mine told me how good Friends Like These was, and he confessed to laughing out loud when reading it. Like me, he doesn’t laugh out loud at books so I was intrigued. A week before I went away I bought Friends Like These and read it in Cyprus. It is brilliant and I was caught laughing out loud on several occasions.

The book is perfect, if like me, your heading towards the age of 30. It is about re-connecting with old friends at primary or secondary school who you’ve lost touch with and seeing what they’re up to. In the case of Friends Like These, Danny travels the world to find his old mates (many of whom work in IT), with hilarious stories along the way.

If you’re looking for a good book, and approaching 30, this is the book to read. Look out for the boy who passed his cycling proficiency on a tricycle, and the giant rabbit head.

You can buy Friends Like These on Amazon.

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