A while ago I wrote a blog post about watching LOST. Now Lost has just finished it’s fourth series, and I can’t wait for the fifth. Lost is one of those TV programmes where people either love it or hate it. For the latter, they usually get bored and confused by the third episode and never watch it again. More fool them.

Early last week I was passed a great website which attempts to shed a little light on the theory behind Lost – and it’s a superb read. As a synopsis, Jason Hunter (the author) believes LOST is based on a time loop theory.

The illustration of the time loop theory can be seen here, but for any Lost fan I would strongly advise giving his site a read. It can be found at Losttimelooptheory.com.

His theory is based around time travel, with the island at the centre of a time loop – hence the time loop theory. Ben and Richard play centre stage is all this (as does Locke later on).
It provides insight into the black smoke as a means of ‘course correcting’ and provides a good explanation as to why people are ‘healed’ from illness when they are on the island. Here’s a time loop theory example – how Locke can walk on the island.

Locke’s ‘father’ pushes him out of a window. He is crippled and cannot walk. This is part of a real world timeline. Ben and Richard travel back in time to 1996 to kill off the Dharma Initiative. Once Ben and Richard start a time loop (the reason the island can’t be found) the plane crashes on the island in 2004 – real world time. BUT, because of this second time loop the crash survivors are actually living life in island time – 1996. So when the plane crashes, Locke can walk again because in his orginal timeline, Locke’s spine wasn’t crushed until around 2002.

Genius. Bring on series 5.

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