The new Cadbury’s Dairy Milk (CDM) advert is a stroke of genius. I haven’t written a post in a while (v busy) but though that the new Cadbury’s gorilla advert was worth writing about.

Being in the advertising/marketing industry, I now have a new found mark of respect for Fallon, the company behind the new advert.

TV advertising is becoming more and more difficult, as there are more critics than ever to shoot down would-be ad award winners. TV ads in the modern day need to be quirky, as opposed to the old school ‘in your face’ ads. This is what Fallon have done so well.

The new gorilla ad was slated in marketing circles, but now that first wave of dust has settled, it has become a phenomenon. Why? A quirky video ad like this does well in front of two audiences. First, your typical armchair audience who view it on TV, but most importantly viewers of YouTube. It is no surprise that this video is one of the most watched on YouTube over the past two weeks.

The best part? The advert does not mention Cadbury’s. It does not show people eating Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. Instead it shows the new face of CDM – the musical gorilla. In the main Cadbury gorilla advert it shows the gorilla playing the Phil Collins hitIn the Air Tonight…….

Taken from the Independent online; Laurence Green, planning director of Fallon adds;

Advertising can be effective without a traditional ‘message’, ‘proposition’ or ‘benefits

I have also posted about some of the other great adverts of the last few years, including the Lynx clicker ad and the Sony Bravia advert.

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