PJ Tracy - Want to Play
Have you ever asked a barber who cuts their hair? How about asking a dentist who looks after their teeth? Right now, if I was an author and I wanted a thriller writer to write a book, I’d turn to PJ Tracy.

If the truth be known, I’m not much of reader. Granted I will read on a relaxing beach holiday, but there needs to be more hours in the day if I am to get through a tree-worth of books in my lifetime.
PJ Tracy - Live Bait
PJ Tracy however are books I cannot put down. For those not in the know, PJ Tracy is a pseudonym for a mum and daughter writing team – one based in Minnesota and one in Colorado.

I was hooked by their debut hit ‘Want to Play?’ (read on Fort Lauderdale beach) and was equally as enthralled by ‘Live Bait‘ (read on a beach in Cornwall). The books are simply slick and engaging.

Now I’m onto PJ Tracy’s third offering – Dead Run (being read in cold Edinburgh,PJ Tracy - Dead Run Scotland). A thriller about a little fictional town in Hicksville where an accident leads to bloodshed, and the usual characters are intertwined in an ever thickening plot. For those who have never read any of the PJ Tracy books, I will not elaborate on any of the stories but strongly urge you to pick up one of their books and give it a try…..you won’t be disappointed!

The best part is it’s winter (ish) and there is no beach in site, so if this blog post isn’t enough of a testimonial to the talents of PJ Tracy, I’m not sure what is!

Their latest offering, Snow Blind, will be available from September 2006.

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