Welcome me! It took me a while, but I now have my very own blog to shout about. I can talk about the wonders of eBay and Family Guy, and moan about high maintenance women.

Above all else this blog is about me. So let me start by bringing you all up to speed as to where I am, what I’m doing and whom I’m doing it with….without making it sound like a corny Friend’s Reunited post.

I currently live in the New Town area of Edinburgh in bonny Scotland and work for a digital marketing company in the city.

Although not as sporty as I once was, I still play football in the East of Scotland league and try and get on the ski slopes as often as I can. It usually comes down to the same two issues of time and money. I’m sure I’ll moan about that in future posts…..

Anyhow, let’s cut the chit chat.

Preston – my home town with a football team that may reach the Premier League by the time I’m 50.

UNCW – best 10 months of my alcohol-filled student years, and made many friends for life. Wilmington is quoted by many as the best place to visit in the USA if you want to travel and enjoy quiet beach locations.

Email – the number one activity for internet users. Search engine usage is the second. The combination of the two leads to me sending and receiving many funny emails.

So its a big welcome to me, and a big hello to all those privileged enough to read and find this blog! Enjoy!

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