6 Of The Best Tents For Garden Camping

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You’ve seen the trends splashed all over Facebook and Instagram. Parents digging out their old tents, and having a microadventure at home by camping in the garden.

But what if you don’t have a tent, or don’t trust that old mothballed tent in the shed?

I’ve compiled a list of the best garden camping tents, so you can choose the most suitable one for your garden or back yard. All of the ones listed are waterproof, so you’ll be nice and dry if it rains 🙂

1. North Gear 4-Person Spotted Dome Tent

Ideal if you want the whole family to camp out, or if there’s just two or three of you and you want a bit of space in the tent. It’s colourful, spotted exterior will be loved by kids, and was voted best tent for bad weather in 2017. On Amazon at £45, it’s a great value 4-man tent.

North gear 4 man garden camping tent


2. Gorilla Tent (Emoji Version)

Gorilla Tents specialise in festival tents…which are also ideal for the garden. Colourful, and easy to pop up and take down, as well as being 100% waterproof, these tents are brilliant if you don’t have much space. They also have an amazing night glow feature so you can count the smiley faces before drifting off to sleep 🙂

Gorilla Tent - Emoji Smiley - Garden Camping


3. Field Candy Tents

What a collection of tents these guys have. From a flysheet with sheep to camping inside the ‘World’s Smallest Pub’, these tents are designed for fun. Sadly they come with an eye-watering price tag of £399 (some are on sale for £266). Are they worth the banter of saying you’re camping with the kids in the world’s smallest pub? You decide 🙂

World's Smallest Pub Tent - Field Candy


4. Vango Tempest Pro 200 Tent

Vango do a great collection of tents, that are all top performers, whether you’re in your back garden or on the top of a mountain. There are a few cheaper Vango 2-man tents, but I’ve chosen this one because it has a little porch area to put your shoes and keep them dry if it’s raining outside. You can pick up the Vango Tempest Pro 200 for £120 on Amazon, and can be used for future camping adventures, at home or in the wild.

Vango Temptest Pro 200 Tent


5. Trespass 4-Man Tipi Tent

The last two tents on the list are a different shape…more like a wigwam or a tipi :). These bring a different element of fun and design, but are still waterproof. First up is this 4 person tipi tent from Trespass that you can pick up in Argos for £70.

Trespass 4 person tipi tent


6. Robens Klondike Tipi Tent

This last tent is massive and expensive, but it is brilliant. A friend of mine has this tipi and we’ve camped in it loads of times. A 6 foot tall adult can stand up inside comfortably, and it can easily sleep 6 adults. You can even have a wood-burning stove inside it (it has it’s own flue canopy exit). It’s an amazing tipi, and well worth the investment if you loads of room and some spare cash. Get it on Amazon for £655.

Robens Klondike tipi tent


There you have it – a collection of the best garden camping tents for 2020!

But what if you don’t have a garden. Or a back yard. And you still want to camp. This might be the solution for you…

TentBox Lite

Search around and you’ll probably find car roof tents can range from £2000 upwards, but TentBox do their entry level car roof tent from £999. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s another option for camping at home and can be considered an investment as you can use the roof tent where ever you go in the UK, Europe or further afield. They also offer finance options. Well worth a look!

Car Roof Tent Box - TentBox Lite - Home Camping


Happy garden camping guys!

Disclosure – Some of the links above include affiliate links. This means when the links are clicked and a product is purchased, I make a little commission on each sale. Just letting you know. Carry on ????

Prices last updated April 2020

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