I did. I grew one. A full beard from the neck upward. People keep asking me: “Why have you grown a beard?“.

Well why not? I’ve never had one before, and I decided I’d like a change. That’s the only reason I can give. Did I get lazy and only wanted to shave my neck? Maybe. Was it to give two fingers to all the other industries where I couldn’t grow a beard in the workplace? Maybe. Was it to make my long face a little shorter? Maybe.

It’s now been two months and my beard seems to have become a minor tourist attraction. I’m not sure why. Judge for yourself. Like? Give me a thumbs up if so 🙂

Beards come in all wonderful shapes and sizes. I’m not sure where I sit on the scale below, but I’d like to think I’m very trustworthy!

Click to enlarge the beards!
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