It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy. To help you escape the Royal Wedding fever, let me introduce you to an online feline phenomenon. You think that intro was too strong? Think again.

Maru the cat is possibly the most well known cat on the interweb. This Japan based cat loves boxes. Small boxes, big boxes, even small packaging it can get it’s head into. Yes, Maru the cat is certainly unique. Here’s some of Maru’s best bits 🙂

See, he’s funny / cute / quirky / fat / all of the above. Want to see Maru the cat take on a really big box? Not a problem for this Japanese wonder:

It should therefore be no surprise that Google searches for [maru] peaked at the same time as searches for [japan earthquake].

Everyone wants to make sure Maru is ok! Enjoy his videos 🙂

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