dropio logoSometimes email inboxes are simply not big enough to cope with the big attachments I send. This makes file sharing problematic. Occasionally I use the my company’s extranet, but that often gets complicated with usernames and passwords. So more often than not, I’ll use Drop.io. It’s a neat cloud file hosting sharing service that lets you upload big files and share them privately using the equally neat tiny URL function they use.
I was planning on uploading a 12MB file this evening, when I came across a message from their blog that they had been acquired by Facebook. Curious. Reading further, it turns out Drop.io will be closing down. No new drops can be created or shared, and existing content from live file shares can be collected up to 15th December. After that, no more Drop.io. No more neat file sharing.

This begs the question – with Drop.io’s assets, technology and founder, are we soon to witness a Facebook file-sharing service? Possibly connected to some sort of Facebook email? If so, does this open up yet another chapter in Facebook’s privacy saga? Drop.io says that post Dec 15th all drops will be deleted, and no user data or content will be transferred to Facebook.

If Facebook does introduce a file sharing service, will they be bold and daft enough to try and claim rights on any content shared? Surely not. You don’t see storage companies wanting a stake in your furniture, do you? It will be interesting to see what Facebook does with Drop.io.

Oh, and I eventually used MediaFire. Seems ok, but isn’t as simple and cool as Drop.io. Wetransfer, Dropbox and Yousendit.com are also good file sharing options.

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