Google has removed from its indexOh dear. The latest big name to fall under the knife of the irrepressible Google.

Last week it was revealed that Google had removed the site from its algorithm because of ‘unethical’ techniques that are non-compliant with Google’s website guidelines.

According to Matt Cutts, one of Google’s bloggers it is down to the search giant ramping up its crackdown on international webspam.

BMW have now tried to rectify the issue, however I hope they were not too reliant on search engine traffic.

And the moral of this story ladies and gentlemen? Google doesn’t give a stuff if your a big brand or a new start up company. In it’s quest to provide the most relevant search results you need to obtain results ethically. Google’s notion of ‘Don’t be Evil’ certainly takes presidence in this case.

It could also be useful to discover if, and when, BMW Germany get reinstated.

It must be the fastest Google reinclusion in history! I think because this was such a high profile news story BMW benefited greatly. Welcome back to Ricoh also!

Google’s BigDaddy data centres are on the march, so look out for a faster, deeper indexing Google over the next few months.

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