Wetherspoons Vs. the Coffee Bars
The world is going barmy. Relaxed licensing laws have meant that pub chains can now compete for the £200 million-a-year commuter coffee business. J.D Wetherspoon are going to start offering coffee at a promotional offer of 49p, rising to 69p after the promotion. When, what and how?

The pub chain is going to attempt morning commuters away from the likes of Starbucks and Costa Coffee by opening at 8am and offering cut price coffee that they believe will taste much the same.

Hold your horses. Will the average commuter be lured into a pub to wait for a coffee at 8 in the morning, as opposed to the relaxed and more regular coffee bar atmosphere? Not me.

As much as I admire Wetherspoons (despite the ‘no music’ thing) I don’t think it’ll take much market share away from the big boys. Much of its success will depend on location. People today like convenience, and are willing to pay for it.

Oh and one last point – no more smoky pubs from March 26th!! Woohoo!

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