Basque Country, pintxos cooking class

Bringing The Basque Country To Your Home: A Pintxos Cooking Class

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"How do you make mayonnaise?", asked Íñigo, our chef for the evening. I racked my brain. The last time I read the ingredients of a mayonnaise jar was when I was very hungover and bored at some point in 2007. "Eggs", I said proudly,…
Unrooming with - Adventure Bagging

Get #Unrooming With

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It's competition time! You've heard about the 'unboxing' trend, right? Where people get a product, film themselves unwrapping it and describing what they’re seeing? Well, have come up with a new concept which they are calling…
24 hour Periscope with Skyscanner in Islington, London - Adventure Bagging

Skyscanner’s #24hPeriscope: Exploring ‘Yuccie’ Islington In London

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You've all heard of the term 'yuccie', right? No? Well think of it as a more creative, entrepreneurial hipster. A yuccie, as described perfectly by Skyscanner, is a young, urban creative. Yuccies are a new breed of young people that like…
Milford Sound, New Zealand - Adventure Bagging

Cruising Milford Sound & Flying Over Fiordland

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You've seen Jurassic Park, right? Remember at the beginning, where Richard Attenborough flies into the park in a helicopter, and you see those amazing views of the landscape, including waterfalls, mountains and rivers? That was almost…
Simon Heyes, skydiving in New Zealand

A 15,000ft Skydive In Queenstown

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I know what you're thinking. "Why on earth would you do that?!". But then I also know what fellow skydivers are thinking. Well, not thinking....just smiling, acknowledging, and...understanding. Unlike bungee jumping, doing a skydive was…
Simon Heyes, skydiving in New Zealand

Lynx Clicker Advert

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Fantastic advertising by Unilever. The new Lynx clicker advert has taken the UK by storm, and on an average night out you'll probably find groups of guys going round with their very own Lynx clicker, clicking each time a girl makes a pass…