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22 Reasons A Visit To Papua New Guinea Should Be On Your Bucket List

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It has been nearly 7 months since I landed back on British shores from my once in a lifetime trip to Papua New Guinea with my dad. The more I look back on our experiences, the more I realise that PNG is like no other place on Earth. Parts…
Simon Heyes (and dad) in Tufi, Papua New Guinea

Tufi Village Stay – Insights From Village Life In Papua New Guinea

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Just when I thought Papua New Guinea was completely cut off from civilisation, I decided to travel even further away from the road less travelled, and learn more about local village life in Tufi. One of the most anticipated parts of my trip…
Gardening in Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea

Village Life And Rituals In Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea is often described as the land of the unexpected, and this is no more apparent than in the Western Highlands city of Mount Hagen. It is amazing to think that much of the land and tribes in the Western Highlands was only first…
A B25 bomber in its final resting place on the Talasea airstrip, New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Uncovering The World War II Plane Wrecks At Talasea

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The South Pacific Sea saw some epic battles between Japan and America during World War II (WW2). I've always been interested in World War II history, but being based in the UK always meant that I seemed to learn more about the war that took…