Pablo Escobar and Hacienda Napoles - Medellin, Colombia

Pablo Escobar: The Curious Story Of Hacienda Nápoles And The Hippos

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I loved travelling around Colombia. Along with Brazil, the country loves to party. They have a great culture, and the people are incredibly friendly. They have the Caribbean Coast, incredible coffee and some of the freshest fruit you will…
The colours of Guatepa in Colombia - Adventure Bagging

Marvellous Medellin, El Peñól, and Guatapé In Colombia

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Medellin has a troubled past. In the 90's Medellin was one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and even up to 10 years ago, it was riddled with crime, after trying to shake off the aftermath of the Escobar drug cartel. As such, my…